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Poster: Christine Hennig Date: Oct 2, 2004 2:52pm
Forum: movie_of_the_week Subject: Re: MOVIE OF THE WEEK OCTOBER 1 2004 EDITION! i'M TELLING YOU TRUE!!

I can't help it--I'm a folkie at heart, and I come from the midwest, so I love this movie. It brings the 60s and church camp all rushing back to me.

I think it exists in the middle of the real vs. fake counterculture spectrum, with Columbia Revolt on the extreme real side and RFD Greenwich Village on the extreme fake side.

Of course, it was sponsored by the Coffee Institute, or something like that, so we see as much COFFEE DRINKING as possible. Just in case you forget the real point of the film. And this was back in the days when coffee was just coffee, and not super-mocha skinny latte with hazelnut foam. Just coffee in styrofoam cups, or even paper cups with those cardboard handles that they used to have.

Sorry, it may sound like I'm getting off-topic, but those cups with the little cardboard handles say more to me about my experience of the 60s (as a child in the midwest) than anything one used to be able to buy in a head shop.